Quality Policy

                          QUALITY POLICY/ JANUARY 2019


KATEMEX- KARACHALIOS BROS” acknowledges the importance of quality assurance in the manufacturing of quality products and providing services , as well as in the constantly ensuring the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Therefore, the company has designed, established and maintains a Quality Management System, which is compliant with the requirements of internationally recognized standards EN ISO 9001:2015

The management of “ΚΑΤΕΜΕΧ-ΚARACHALIOS BROS” is commited to :

  • The production of products and provision of services meeting stakeholders’ needs and expectations
  • The compliance with legislation (national and EU) as well as the specifications for product manufacturing.
  • Investing in innovation and development in order to continuously improve the competiveness of the company
  • The provision and availability of all necessary resources for manufacturing products of high precision
  • The provision of high level training and update to our staff aiming to upgrade their knowledge in order to achieve the professional competence that is needed.
  • The identification, evaluation and assessment of risks in order to take all necessary controls to minimize them.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and control of the entire supply chain
  • The communication with stakeholders and measuring customers’ satisfaction.
  • The investigation of any non conformities and definition of what actions need to be done
  • Satisfaction of our staff and all parties involved in order to maximize company’s performance.

The present quality policy is audited annually via management review and is displayed on notification board of the company. It’s also provided to all interested parties on the website of Karachalios Bros (www.karachaliosbros.com)

ACHARNES, 02-01-2019

The Director